Psychic Development

One to one Psychic development package

Session 1 – Introduction: A discussion around why you want to take on this tuition, what experiences you have been having, what area of work you are most drawn to, your beliefs, how you want to work & where you want to take your abilities. You will also be given a ‘homework’ task to do between the 1st and the 2nd session.

Session 2- Psychic ability: You will be shown how to ‘open up’ working with your chakras. We will cover some of the many different types of psychic abilities as well as the tools people use to convey them. We will also look at feeling and interpreting messages that you receive. You will then be given a ‘homework’ task to do between the 2nd and the 3rd session.

Session 3- Psychic ability part 2: You will be taken through the more advance psychic abilities including psychic mediumship & how to receive messages and know they are messages. I will teach you how to trust in your gift and enhance your ability.

Session 4- Trusting in your ability and building your business: I will show you here how you can conduct a thorough psychic reading by using the gift you have been given and developed. I will also be teaching you how to trust in and develop your gift further by yourself. You will also learn how to begin to build your business.

£350 for the package
£50 for each follow up call (60 minutes)

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