My readings are very much an ‘all round’ type of reading. I am a Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium- meaning I can offer you guidance and advice around past and present situation as well as predict future situations, give time frames around these and connect you to your loved ones that have passed over.
I also offer Psychic development tuition which is done through Skype or telephone.


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Who Is Grounded Spirit

Kiah Nicolas – Founder

I often get asked how I got into this area of work. Quite simply it was a gift passed down but none of us knew about it! My whole life I have been able to give advice to people about topics that I have never experienced before and was always right.

I was a know it all! From the age of 16, I had always wanted to be 23. I really started to believe something big was going to happen but I didn’t know what. Half way through my 22nd year, I was introduced to a spiritual centre in Enfield. We learned how to open and close our chakras and slowly I started seeing and feeling things for people. We practiced different things each week and I was really drawn to ribbon reading.

Usually, ribbon reading is done by looking at the type of ribbon someone chooses but I feel as though they just amplify people’s energy. When I turned 23, I got the gift of mediumship – meaning I am able to relay messages from passed over loved ones and spirit guides. I finally figured out why being 23 meant something so special! So now I have been doing readings since 2014 and there is nothing I enjoy more than bringing people advice, future predictions and re-connecting them to their loved ones. It is so beautiful.

Life changing realisations made possible through

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