Depression & Fear Gone Forever- The Day We Met An Angel

Our experiences with an EFT practitioner and how she managed to cure depression and fears.

Yes, you heard that correctly. A couple of weeks ago, me and my husband met an angel. Ok, she wasn’t an angel but she is damn close!

We met up with a wonderful couple who live locally, we both have children around the same age, so we took them to the park together. They were the sweetest couple. After a while, the woman mentioned her mum was coming down. When this lady arrived, she had such amazing energy- so calming. As she spoke, I began to realise that this lady knew her stuff!

We continued the day and I began to speak about some spiritual experiences I was having and she advised me that I need some extra protection in the house and that she would be happy to come over and help. When it came time to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted her to come over that evening and I accepted.

Later that evening, she arrived. She was instantly drawn to my back gate and identified that there was a church hall behind it and that there was something lingering in that area, she also mentioned a few other points that made so much sense. She began to clear the house and put up strong protection around for us.

She went on to carry out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on my husband. He has suffered with depression for years and really struggled with feeling positive about things. She took him back to a few memories and was able to clear this for him. I watched as this process happened and it was so emotional, it was intense to say the least. I will be honest, although watching this was crazy as I could see everything come to the surface for him, I still had doubts that this would work. He has been this way since I have known him and I just thought, how on earth is this short process going to fix things. I was wrong. After she had finished, she asked him how he felt and he said “yeah, ok- lighter” I still was unsure as to whether this had worked and I think he was quite sceptical too.

Since he had this done, everyday he wakes up and tells me that he cant feel his depression. He tells me that his brain tries to tell him he is depressed but then all he feels is happiness and excitement. He has been a completely different person. Don’t get me wrong, he still stresses about the everyday things but that is so normal, the main thing is that his depression and his anxiety is GONE. Blown away, literally like magic. He is able to feel happiness in what he is doing, he is constantly saying how proud he is of us. He is EXCITED about the future. I feel as though I owe this woman the world for this.

When it was my turn – my focus was fear. I had these 2 irrational fears over zombies and spiders. Like I mean I would FREAK out. Once, I came home alone to a spider on the living room floor- I watched it, trying to build up the courage to get a glass over the top of it. I finally ran into the kitchen, got a glass then put it on top and squirmed like a b****. I then called my mother to drive 25 minutes to come to my house and collect the spider and take it outside. The whole time she was driving to me, I didn’t turn on the TV, I sat there fixated on this spider just in case it grew muscles and could lift the glass and I would lose sight of them! Another time, I ran downstairs with my new born baby crying with fear at a stranger in a car telling him to come quickly. Yes, I let a man into my home to get a spider out that was chilling on my wall when I got home.

When she started to work on the spider fear, it took me back to a memory of me being in a cot, I could see a spider and my mum leant over and hit it. She didn’t pick me up after. My fear came from her actually hitting it, not the spider itself. It was crazy! She worked to clear it. I didn’t know if this would work or not but the next day I was faced with a small spider. I picked it up and let it crawl over my hands whilst showing my daughter (I had made her scared of spiders so I was trying to get her to see it was ok). Then I had a spider on my foot, I just calmly picked it up and put it outside. Then came the big task I had been putting off for weeks, we have just moved to our new house and all of our boxes were put in the conservatory, I was completely avoiding sorting through them because I knew there were going to be many spiders in there. I DID IT!! I just went in and started sorting through, and there were lots of spiders, but miraculously, they didn’t phase me. I didn’t feel the need to even watch where they were going – I just went for it.

The zombie fear, this was crazy, even if someone would act like a zombie, I would freak out. I once pushed my 6 year old brother against a wall and ran out the house and would not return for an hour because he though it would be funny to make the noises. I always thought it came from a reoccurring dream I used to have of being chased by zombies, but it wasn’t. I developed this fear at the age of about 17 which was so strange, I used to be able to watch zombie films but suddenly they freaked me out so much that I couldn’t even have a zombie DVD case in the house in case they came out of it!

When she worked on the zombie fear, I was taken back to being a teenager and sitting in my mums flat. I was by myself and I had ‘The Mummy’ on the TV. I had no idea that this is where my fear even came from. My younger self said that she was freaked out by the face on the film and was then scared to stay by herself in the house. Again, I have had a fear of staying alone for years too!

She cleared my fears of this too, I am yet to come across a zombie (ha!) or a Zombie film but my husband tested me and started to act like one and I was fine! I didn’t punch him so that is a great start!

We honestly can’t thank this woman enough for what she has done here. Her work helps clear anything you are dealing with no matter how big or small and helps you to get over blocks you are having. Something she also specialises in is helping business owners to get over their mental blocks in order for them to welcome in great things.

Her work takes away the issues that are stopping you from moving forward and having the best possible life.

She is truly an angel and I am still in shock that she was able to do these amazing things.

If anyone would like to contact a truly genuine woman and get a whole new perspective on things, her name is Shahla and you can email her on

She is also offering a special discount to those of you that come through me, she is usually £95 for an hour but wants to help you all for £70 an hour- how beautiful.

She can do appointments face to face or via skype. I will be honest, it is the single best decision you will ever make.